The BMW i3 Receives The Award For The 2017 World Urban Car

The BMW i3 has the distinction of being named the 2017 World Urban Car. This is not a particularly large vehicle but in many cases size has nothing to do with true quality. This was the though process of the judges at the International Auto Show in New York and the reason why the BMW i3 was selected as the 2017 World Urban Car.

The title of the world Urban Car was a new category at the International Auto Show. The title is given to vehicles ideal for individuals who drive in the city. Some of the reasons the judges selected this vehicle are the small size, increased maneuverability and the ability to park in spaces larger cars simply will not fit. Three of these vehicles combined take up approximately the same space as a large pickup.

The BMW i3’s electrical capabilities also figured into the decision of the judges. The 2017 BMW i3 has an additional electric boost because it was built with lithium ion cells with a higher energy level. The new battery system used by the 2017 BMW i3 has the ability to achieve a fifty percent increase in the battery capacity at 33 kWh. The new battery requires no additional space so it does not affect the small stature of the vehicle.

Mike Rutherford is the World Car vice chairman. He believes cars must become smaller in order for parking spaces to be available in towns and packed cities with swelling populations. He also feels being chosen as a winner in the World Urban Car category proves a vehicle does not have to be unpleasant to drive, undesirable or cheap to maintain a small status. He says the new vehicle is the best valued product on the current market. The BMW i3 has proven you do not need to go big to be a part of the future in the automotive world.