New BMW 1 Series set for release in 2018

Fans of BMW will be most pleased to hear that BMW has plans to release a new generation of 1 Series vehicles, the next premium model hatchback is slated for a reveal date in late 2018 before going to dealerships and show floors in early 2019. Sneak peaks of the vehicle, though heavily disguised, does not seem to tread too far from the current generation model. Most of the dramatic changes are beneath the skin, the exterior remaining as streamline as ever.

The BMW 1 Series has seen awesome success since its reveal and release in 2004, however, BMW engineers are planning a new approach for its next generation of this model. This new generation will say goodbye to real axle driven motors in favor of a drive based on the front axle. This new 1 Series model will feature the UKL platform which features on the BMW X1 and MINI ranges. It is true that this will effect the way the new model handles but BMW is confident that consumers will benefit more from the efficiency and practicality that this new platform can offer drivers.

This new model features more sitting and legroom space for passengers due to the absence of a prop shaft and a longer wheel base as well as an overall increase in storage space in the trunk. We should also expect to see a slight increase in the vehicle’s width and height.

BMW also has big plans to use the new 1 Series to incorporate a wider roll-out of its iPerformance line-up. Finding a spot right alongside BMW’s five other plug-in hybrids will be a Series 1 model featuring an electrified tuned in version of the one found in the MINI Countryman Cooper E. This new electrified engine utilized a 1.5 liter turbo alongside an electric motor.